Since the beginning of 2014, I have taken all the ambiguous metaphors of the ass literally - and actually been talking out of my ass, putting my ass on the line, been assing about, in order to investigate ideas of action, silliness, stupidity and more.

I have done that, in a variety of ass-puppet-theatres, where my ass peaks out and adresses the audiences, both live and online - and in quizzes, talkshows, art-reviews as well as in an online advice column where you can ask my ass anything.

In the past years all this talking out of my ass has also led me to investigate the toilet, its economy and an idea of a new shitty economy where everybody will get paid for their shit.

I sometimes call it a "Non Olet" economy

On this page you can read all about that shit, and check out my ass - sometimes in in danish, sometimes in English - and sometimes in something in between.

I am after all just talking out of my ass.


Ud af Røret - en gåtur langs kloakkens skjulte stier i Næstved

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Ud af Røret - en gåtur langs kloakkens skjulte stier i København

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Nye spirer på historiens losseplads

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En lorteudstilling

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En ny lorteøkonomi i farver

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Skærmbillede 2022-07-07 kl. 20.45.35

Noter til en ny økonomisk lortehistorie

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Omvisning og udgravning til en ny lorteøkonomi på rensningsanlægget

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Skærmbillede 2022-01-17 kl. 12.44.08

Notes and research for a new shitty economy

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Taking stock of a new shitty economy

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A professional Foul - shorts for playing dirty

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Fire under my ass - a guided tour to hell and back

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Talking out of my ass - A series of quizzes about the stupidity we live by

Talking out of my ass quizzes

A series of quizzes on stupidity; its potentials and pitfalls

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