Since the beginning of 2014, I have taken all the ambiguous metaphors of the ass literally - and actually been talking out of my ass, putting my ass on the line, been assing about, in order to investigate ideas of action, silliness, stupidity and more.

I have done that, in a variety of ass-puppet-theatres, where my ass peaks out and adresses the audiences, both live and online - and in quizzes, talkshows, art-reviews as well as in an online advice column where you can ask my ass anything.

Check out my ass - and join the conversation!

Ikke noget tøj på En bar røv anmelder kunst/ The emperors no clothes- - a bare ass-reviewer
Ask my ass anything - An agony ass
LMAO - Laughing my ass off/ explaining jokes about performance artists for 3 hours
The ass in the school - a quiz on stupidity
En quiz med røven i Ringsted/ A quiz with the ass about Ringsted
Røven på komedie - the ass on the line
Røven på komedie - the ass on the line
Røven fuld af penge/ Money in my backpocket