Ask my ass anything – an agony ass

Why you can ask my ass anything – Introduction to my ass:
The ass is a complicated body part, and for that reason it may be able to give new complicated answers to the old complicated questions. Please watch the short introduction to my ass, and see why you can ask it anything – in danish or english – by email or in the comments below.

Question for my ass  #1 
This is the answer to a complicated question for the ass,  asked by Anders, at 24.09.14 –
In this answer, my ass touches upon topics of being true to ones ass, and being better seated than the next ass. The question was asked in danish and answered in danish,  but if necessary, choose english subtitles in lower right corner.

Question for my ass  #2
The difference between High art and low art:
An answer from my ass to Timothy Stock about  and desperate measures within the arts.

Question for my ass  #3
Et svar til “Den ængstelige” om børn, fortrydelse og det at foretage et valg på baggrund af utilstrækkelige informationer.

– An answer to “The anxious” about regret, children and making a choice on the basis of insufficient information.

(for english subtitling – click in subtitles icon in the lower right corner of the video-window)

Question for my ass  #4
An answer to an email about a complicated, but possibly lucrative bank-transaction

Question for my ass  #5
An answer from my ass to S who wants to know:
“If you remove the “r” in the danish word for ass, “røv”, you get “øv” which could mean “damn”, “argh!! or “practice” (imperative form) in english. But where does the “r” go when an ass says “øv”? And why do so many danish people forget about the “r” at the end of present tense verb and where does the “r” disappear to when they forget?
Your friend always,

Question for my ass  #6
Hvordan kan jeg vide hvornår jeg falder i søvn – How can I know when I fall asleep
For english subtitles – click “cc” in the bottom right corner of the window.

Question for my ass  #7
Does consuming a lot of art make you more humane?
That  would be the english translation of this question to my ass. The question is  asked, and answered in danish, and I it is subtitled in english.

The subtitles are a work in progress however, and if you cannot make out what is said, I can disclose, that my ass tries to connect the dots between humanity, the history of capitalism and the question of what the hell we should do now?

To enable the subtitles click on th “cc” option that you get when you click on the video.

Question for my ass  #8
English translation on the way

///I dag har jeg fået et spørgsmål fra Frk. Jespersen som lyder: “Kære Røv. Jeg er ved et tilfælde stødt ind i et program på internettet hvor en forsker fortæller, at universet vil ende med et “big freeze” istedet for et “big crunch” eller et “big boil”.Jeg ved ikke hvad jeg skal stille op med den information. Mvh Frk. Jespersen”



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