Fire Under My Ass – guided tour to hell an back in Norra Djurgårdstaden

In January 2020, I took a group of sinners on a walk to hell and back as part of a series of “Powerwalks” that was organized by Mossutställningar, in the so-called climatepositve new urban area of Stockholm called “Norra Djurgårdsstaden”. During this walk about money, dirt and metaphorical actual fires under our contemporary asses, we made the dirt of all the clean intentions of this area draw a picture of another bunch of dirty sinners being led to hell in 1494. This picture of hell was originally painted by Master Amund, in Södra Råda Church – and was lost due to a tragic fire in 2001.

The reproduction that we made in dirt, was used the next day as a backdrop for a performance where my ass talked about old and new fires under our asses in the medieval museum in Stockholm, during the fire market that was also organized by Mossutställningar, the next day.