Eww! what did I just sit in?

ā€œEww! What did I just sit in?ā€
A nature guide for children and adults

Many kids might have had their parents ask them to get off their asses and go outside for a healthy dose og fresh air and nature, and in this book I take such ideas: of ass and outside, quite literally – by getting my ass out of the sofa, to sit outside, to sit in a variety of natures strange and eeky phenomenons, which then make their dirty imprint on my fine white picnic outfit. These imprints are then the point of departure for a sort og guidebook to nature for children and adults.

In the book, there is pictures of 10 such imprints, and when you flip the page – there is a description of the phenomenon in words and pictures. A description can encompass both the natural, cultural and historical implications of the given phenomenons.

You can for instance learn, that the small flower “snowdrop” is called “Galanthus Nivalis” in latin, but also that it might in fact havebeen the flower that saved Odysseus from being turned into a pig in the famous story of the Odyssey. On the page where I sat in a feather, one can also read about the history of the human dram of flying – from Abbas Ibn Firnas to Leonardo da Vinci.

A part of my white picnic outfit is also a white t-shirt. This t-shirt is a canvas for further illustrations – of the cultural, natural and historical references to the phenomen that I have sat in. On the t-shirt for the page about the potato, I ave thus painted Millets famous “potato-growers” and on the page about the fern, I illustrate a story about Taxonomy and Linneaus, that I tell in the text.

The book is so far only published in an exclusively small edition in danish. If you want to buy a copy of the current edition – there are still a few left, and you can order a copy by writing my ass.